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Summary of Terrorist Incidents and CT Operations: March 2012

  • On 3 March, The Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MOJWA) claimed responsibility for carrying out their first suicide car bombing that wounded 23 people, in Tamanrasset, Algeria.
  • On 3 March, Betim Kaziu was sentenced to 27 years in prison for plotting to kill US soldiers and attempting to provide material support to al-Shabaab.
  • On 5 March, a group of 50 gunmen disguised as police officers raided checkpoints and homes in Haditha, Iraq, killing 27 members of the security forces and wounding three others.
  • On 6 March, Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi, 50, was arrested for his alleged role in the 13 February 2012 bombing of an Israeli diplomat’s car in Delhi, India.
  • Between 9 March and 18 March, more than 200 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, injuring five civilians. In response, the IDF launched two air strikes in Gaza, killing three Islamic Jihad members.
  • On 10 March, a court of appeal increased the sentences for eight militants responsible for the 2011 Argana café bomb in Marrakech, Morocco.
  • Between 11 and 19 March, seven people were killed and five injured in a series of shooting attacks in Toulouse and Montauban, France. The perpetrator was identified as Mohamed Merah, 23; he was killed on 21 March by armed police, after a national manhunt that resulted in a 30 hour siege on his apartment. On 25 March, his brother, Abdelkader Merah was arrested and charged as an accomplice.
  • On 17 March, 27 people were killed and 140 injured when two car bombs exploded simultaneously in front of government buildings in Damascus, Syria.
  • On 19 March, five suspected Jemaah Islamiah militants were shot and killed by counter-terrorist officers in Bali, Indonesia.
  • On 19 March, Ahmad Wali Siddiqui, a German-Afghan man went on trial in Koblenz, accused of being a member of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and al-Qa’ida.
  • On 28 March, Adlene Hicheur, a Franco-Algerian nuclear scientist, went on trial on suspicion of plotting terror attacks on behalf of al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
  • On 29 March, Muhammad Adawayat, 30, was sentenced at the Jerusalem District Court to seven and a half years in prison following his conviction for Hamas membership.
  • On 31 March, 10 people were killed and 340 injured in three coordinated bomb attacks in Yala, Thailand.

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