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Summary of Terrorist Incidents and CT Operations: January 2012

  • Irfan Ul Haq, 37 was sentenced to 50 months in prison on 5 January, for providing false documentation and attempting to smuggle a suspected Taliban member into the USA.
  • On 5 January, Eyad Rashid Abu Arja, 47, a male Palestinian with dual Australian-Jordanian nationality, was sentenced to 30 months in prison in Israel for aiding Hamas.
  • On 6 January, a bomb exploded in Damascus, Syria killing 26 people and wounding 63 others.
  • ETA militant Andoni Zengotitabengoa, was sentenced on 6 January to 12 years in prison for the illegal possession of weapons, as well car theft, falsification of documents, assault and resisting arrest.
  • On 9 January, Sami Osmakac, 25, was charged with plotting to attack crowded locations in Florida, USA.
  • On 10 January, a car bomb exploded at a bus stand outside a shopping bazaar in Jamrud, northwestern Pakistan killing 26 people and injuring 72.
  • Jermaine Grant, 29, a British man and three Kenyans were charged on 13 January in Mombasa, Kenya with possession of bomb-making materials and plotting to explode a bomb.
  • On 13 January Thai police arrested Hussein Atris, 47, a Lebanese-Swedish man, who was suspected of having links to Hizballah. He was charged three days later with the illegal possession of explosive materials.
  • On 14 January, a suicide bomber, disguised in a military uniform, killed 61 people and injured 139, at a checkpoint outside Basra, Iraq.
  • On 19 January, an Islamic Jihad cell suspected of planning attacks on Israel was dismantled and its members were arrested in the West Bank by the Israel Security Agency.
  • On 21 January, Boko Haram militants disguised as police officers killed 178 people and injured 50 others in Kano, Nigeria.
  • Indian anti-terrorism police arrested two men on 23 January, on suspicion of being involved in the 13 July 2011 Mumbai bombings.
  • ETA militant Ernesto Prat Urzainqui was arrested on 25 January at his home in the French Basque town of Urruña.
  • On 27 January, a suicide car bomber killed 33 people and injured 65 others in Yarmouk, a mostly Sunni district in the western part of Baghdad , Iraq
  • Rasim Aliyev, Ali Huseynov, and Balaqardash Dadashov were arrested on 25 January suspected of planning to attack a Jewish school in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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