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Dr. David Scharia

Chief of Branch, Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), Security Council, United Nations

Dr. David Scharia is Chief of Branch at the United Nations Security Council Counter terrorism executive directorate (CTED). Dr. Scharia is in charge of counter terrorism policy and heads a large group of international counter terrorism experts, monitoring States’ implementation of counter terrorism measures and advising the Security Council CTC on counter terrorism matters. The Branch under his leadership covers all areas of counter terrorism policy including legal and criminal justice responses, financing of terrorism, law enforcement and border control, gender dimension of counter terrorism, terrorists’ use of technologies and the internet, human rights and CVE. Dr. Scharia is an internationally recognized expert on counter terrorism. His articles and books have been published by Oxford University Press, Harvard National Security Journal and Hebrew University Press. Recently, he was invited to serve as a National Security Scholar-in Residence at Columbia Law School and a Fellow at NYU Center for Global Affairs.

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