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Ms. Jennifer Woodard

Ms. Jennifer Woodard (Baton Rouge, USA, 1976) is an entrepreneur and global technology marketing expert.

Ms. Woodard is a Founding Partner of Insikt Intelligence, a Barcelona-based Artificial Intelligence startup specialized in the automated detection of criminal content online, which assists, in particular, law enforcement agencies and national counterterrorism agencies in the fight against radicalization and terror.

Insikt uses proprietary AI methods to detect criminal content in real-time from various digital sources, including social media.

In addition, Ms. Woodard is Vice-Chair and an External Expert for the European Commission’s Marie Curie Fellowship program and was a Member of the Commission’s Steering Group for Competitiveness on the Web (Digital Agenda).

As a writer, commentator, and early adopter, Ms. Woodard’s perspectives on technology and artificial intelligence are often featured in US national and foreign outlets as well as several books

Ms. Jennifer Woodard