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Ms. Anna Sjöberg

Ms Anna Sjöberg is the Head of the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC) at Europol. With more than 25 years of experience in the Swedish Security Service, Ms Anna Sjöberg has experience that spans the entire field of counter-terrorism. From counter- radicalisation and intelligence work to investigations, strategic assessments and counter-measures, both covert and overt.

Her operational experience, for example as a desk officer, is paired with several executive positions. She has served both as Head of Unit and Head of Department within the Swedish Security Service ́s core activities. She has many years of experience of cooperating with law enforcement agencies as well as with intelligence and security services, both nationally and internationally.

In her capacity as Operational commander (OPCOMD), Ms Sjöberg has handled serious incidents. One example is deadly terrorist attack in Stockholm 2017, in which the perpetrator was arrested and eventually convicted of his crimes.

Over the years, Ms Sjöberg has taken special interest in development efforts. This includes implementation of new methods for collecting intelligence information and developing the operational management system used nationally in Sweden.

In recent years, Ms Sjöberg has been Head of Operations at the Swedish Security Service and has been in charge of the Service ́s core activities.

Her leadership is characterised by a clear focus on the mission, as well as on continuous development and innovation, in combination with deep knowledge of the core activities, and the understanding that networking and collaboration are absolutely essential in order to achieve good operational and strategic results.

Ms. Anna Sjöberg