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Mr. Manuel Navarrete

Major General Manuel Navarrete holds a distinguished career in the realm of security and intelligence, marked by leadership roles and a comprehensive educational background. Currently holding the position of Director of the Intelligence Centre for Counter-terrorism and Organized Crime within the Ministry of Interior of Spain since September 2020.

Mr. Navarrete completed a range of courses, including the Superior Course of Investigation, Superior Course of Judicial, and Superior Course of Analysis, all under the various Spanish ministries. Additionally, he received specialized training at the National Academy of the FBI in Quantico, USA, both in the General Course and the Higher Course in Management and Analysis, earning him a diploma by the National Academy. Parts of his studies focus on Islamist radicalism at the Center of Studies in Cairo and leadership training through the LEEDS FBI program in Washington, DC.

He enrolled in a Superior Course on Organized Crime, Money Laundry, and Terrorism Financing conducted by the Ministry of Interior in Spain. Furthermore, Mr. Navarrete has a master’s degree in Terrorism Studies from the International University of La Rioja, Spain. Furthermore, he participated in the TOP SPOC X European Union session and the Superior Course of International Studies organized by the International Studies Society in Madrid.

Major General Navarrete headed the European Counter-terrorist Centre at Europol from January 2016 to August 2020, and prior to that, he served as the Head of Business on Counter Terrorism and Financial Intelligence of EUROPOL from July 2014 to December 2015. His tenure also includes heading the Special Central Unit 2 within the Intelligence Service of the Guardia Civil from November 2008 to July 2014 and leading the Exterior Intelligence Group from March 2000 to November 2008.

Internationally Mr. Navarrete was Seconded as National Expert at the Europol’s Counter Terrorism Preparatory Group from July 1998 to December 1999, as well as his position as Security and Liaison Officer within the Spanish Embassy in Washington from February 1996 to July 1998.

His early experiences include being at the forefront of counter-terrorism efforts, such as serving in the Guardia Civil’s Central Unit against the ETA terrorist group from October 1989 to February 1996. Prior to this, he was a team leader focusing on terrorism and delinquency in the Basque region from August 1985 to August 1989.

Beyond his professional commitments, Major General Navarrete is an esteemed member of the Terrorism Committee of the International Association of Police Chiefs.

Mr. Manuel Navarrete