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MK Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Gadi Eizenkot

MK Gadi Eisenkot, the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, is a member of the National Unity Party in the 25th Knesset of the State of Israel.

MK Eisenkot was the 21st Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces of the State of Israel and held various high-ranking positions throughout his military career. These included Deputy Chief of Staff, Commander of the Northern Command, Head of the Operations Division, and Commander of the West Bank Division.

During his tenure as Chief of Staff, he introduced the “From Uniform to Studies” Program, which grants scholarships to 20 veterans for further studies. In more recent years, he has taken on several public roles, including volunteering as the Chairman of Yad Ben Gurion.

On July 22, he, along with MK Gideon Sa’ar and MK Benjamin Gantz, established The National Unity Party. Over the past year, he has served as a Member of the Knesset and as a part of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.

Gadi Eisenkot