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9/2015 Interviews and Op-eds

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Colombian TV station NTN24 about Mahmoud Abbas’ speech at the UN (in Spanish)

About the recent World Summit of the ICT was reported in Homeland Security Today in the article “Special: De-Radicalization: Shared Practices Of Taming Jihadists”

News article on security issues at Jerusalem old city. and control over Temple Mount; Dr. Yoaz Hendel comments on the Palestinian disturbance

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Italian daily La Repubblica about Russia’s militaryintervention in Syria (In Italian)
Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in Bridges for Peace titled: Iran ‘Surprised’ to Discover Uranium Reserve

ICT15 was mention in the Jerusalem Post about Counter-terrorism conference simulates responses to impending ISIS terror attack in Europe

Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in The Jewish Chronicle concerning Israel and the refugee crisis
Article written by Dr. Michael Barak on Mulla Omar death’s imapct on Al-Qaeda was translated to Arabic in the British Salafi magazine Al-BayyanPal-News and Fateh News (In arabic)
Col. (Res.) Adv. Daniel Reisner wrote a three-part series on the conflict between Human Rights and Law of War specialists within the context of the UN Commission of Inquiry Gaza Report for Lawfare: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
Dr. Yoaz Hendel was referenced as an example of “level-headed pundits” in an Op-Ed in Haaretz, called “Removing the Mask, Seeing the Occupation”.