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10/2015 Interviews and Op-eds

Interview with Dr. Tal Pavel to the WSJ about Islamic State threatening more attacks in Jerusalem, article titled “With Videos, Islamic State Enters Latest Palestinian-Israeli Fighting”

Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in Berlingske  about the Russian – Iranian alliance in Syria (In Danish)
Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the  La Nazione about the Palestinian wave of terrorism (In Italian)

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Radio Juive about  the wave of Palestinian terrorism in Israel (In French)

Interview with Dr. Shaul Shay to the Jerusalem Post about counter terrorism. article titled “Experts weigh in: How can Israel quash this wave of terror?”

Interview with Dr. Amichai Magen to Wwntradio about the terrorist attack. article titled “Palestinian stabs Jewish man in central Israeli city”

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the German weekly Der Speiegel on the Wave of Terror by the New Palestinian Generation
Interview with Dr. Michael Barak to I24News about incitement in social media (Min 42:54)
Interviewwith Dr. Ely Karmon  to the i24News TV about the wave of Palestinian terrorism (in French)

Interview with Brig. Gen. (Res.) Nitzan Nuriel in Jewish Post about Palestinian violence in Israel. article titled “Third intifada? The Palestinian violence is Israel’s new normal”

Interview with Dr. Shaul Shay and Dr. Amichai Magen to Huffpost Religion about a terrorist attack in Jerusalem. article titled “Religious Jews Feel Targeted By Palestinian Attacks”

Dr. Amichai Magen was cited in Religion News. Article titled “Religious Jews target of latest attacks by Palestinians”

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Gadi Zohar was cited in The New Yorker. Article titled “Fear of a Third Intifada”

Prof. Boaz Ganor commented on the current situation in The Jerusalem Post in the article “Terrorism Epidemic”

Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in War on the Rocks. Article titled “Why Israel Should Be Worried About Russia’s Role In Syria”

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Argentinian daily infobae and in the Peruvian daily Cronica Viva about the military strategic competition between Russia and the United States
Article written by Dr. Ely Karmon “Russia, Iran and Hezbollah: An Alliance of Convenience or a Long-term Threat?”, in Spanish (Rusia, Irán y Hezbolá: ¿Una alianza de conveniencia o una amenaza a largo plazo?) published by the Spanish daily El Imparcial (In Spanish)

Col. (Res.) Ronen Cohen was cited in The Christian Science Monitor. Article titled “Is Syria’s Long War Wearing Down Key Assad Backer Hezbollah?”

Op-ed by Dr. Ely Karmon on the Russian intervention in Syria in the Haaretz article “Russian Air Strikes in Syria Aim to Build Alawite Mini-state for Assad”