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4/2016 Interviews and Op-eds

Prof. Boaz Ganor was mentioned in aricle published in the Jewish Chronicle Online titled: “Daesh threat to Euro Jews very high”

Interview with Prof. Boaz Ganor to BICOM in the title: “ISIS and Europe: briefing with Professor Boaz Ganor”

Interview with Prof. Boaz Ganor to in the title: “Why are the terrorists after the arrest smile? In Prague acted tip to fight terror

Interview with Prof. Boaz Ganor to RT in the title: “EU must face loss of freedoms, terror isn’t going away – terrorism expert”

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the IDC Newsstand radio show (min. 23 – 43) about the Egyptian – Saudi relations after the visit of King Salman to Cairo, the situation in Syria and in Libya

Op-ed written Adv. Deborah Housen-Couriel i by published in Times of Israel titled: “Why you should care about the Panama Papers”

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to L’Indro, the Italian Internet daily, about the chances for a PA (Fatah) – Hamas agreement

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Spanish website El Espanol about Turkey’s fight on three fronts, mainly against the Kurds

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the i24News TV station, in French, on the reasons for the significant decrease in the violent incidents and terrorist attacks in the West Bank and Jerusalem during the last weeks

Dr. Ely Karmon and Prof. Assaf Mo­gha­dam were cited in L’Echo about the terrorist attacks in Belgium

Interview with Prof. Assaf Mo­gha­dam to i24News in the title “The Beginning of the Fall of I.S.?”

Interview with Dr. Michael Barak to Yonhap News about Global Jihad in Europe