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12/2016 Interviews and Op-eds

Oped written by Adv. Deborah Housen-Couriel published in Times of Israel titled: “US vs. Russia: A watershed moment in cyberspace and cyber-diplomacy”
Dr. Ely Karmon was cited by the Russian news website Sputnik concerning the conflicting approaches of Israel and Europe to the fight against Israel

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, “Europe must sharpen terror security, believes Israeli experts. Such a society we do not want, responding Norwegian researcher”

The ICT’s World Summit was mentioned in a Jerusalem Post article as the location of Ayelet Shaked’s remarks on fighting terrorism through removing online content

Article written by Dr. Ely Karmon titled  “Iranian Terrorism Bullying the International Community” published in German by the Vienna Mena-Watch (Media Observatory Middle East Arab-Israeli) hink tank website

Dr. Ely Karmon was cited in Czech news website Aktuálně.cz in the article “Islamic state in Europe will retaliate for Iraq and Syria”

Interview with Dr. Ely Karmon to the Argentinian news website infobae about the future of ISIS