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Mr. Haim Tomer

Mr. Haim Tomer is a Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University.

Mr. Tomer brings a wealth of experience to the ICT having dedicated his life to government service. After finishing his service with the Israel Defense Forces (1974-1981), Mr. Tomer went on to serve in the Mossad in various staff and field positions in Israel and abroad (1986-2007). From 2005-2007, he serves as the Chief of the Counter-Terrorism Division, eventually becoming Head of the Intelligence Division (2007-2011), and finishing his service in government as Head of the International Liaison & Operational Division (2011-2014).

After leaving government service, Mr. Tomer ventured into the private sector as the chairman of a big data start-up, and as a consultant and founding partner in several hi-tech companies. Most recently, Mr. Tomer serves as a board member on Ultra, a leading cyber-intelligence company and Trucknet, a start-up specializing in JPS exhaustion of vehicle fleets.