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The Honorable Yoav Galant

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant has dedicated over 40 years in service of the State of Israel, within various capacities. He is a former General in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a veteran public servant and businessman. Since he was first elected to the Israeli parliament in 2015 as a member of the Likud Party, Minister Gallant has served in several Ministerial positions including as Minister of Education, Construction and Housing, as well as Immigration and Absorption.

Minister Gallant served in a variety of leading positions over the course of his 35-year military career. Having drafted to the IDF in 1977 to the Navy Seals, he reached the unit’s commanding position in 1994. Minister Gallant served in senior commanding positions in the IDF, including as General of the Southern Command and Military Secretary to the Prime Minister, among other roles. He retired from the IDF with the rank of Major General.

Following his retirement from the military in 2011, he held several positions in the private sector, including the management of an oil and natural gas exploration company. He also served as a board member of the “IMPACT” Foundation and “Hashomer Hachadash,” as well as the Chairman of the “Friends of the Disabled Veterans” organization.

Minister Gallant was born in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. He holds a B.A. in Finance and Business Management and is a Harvard AMP graduate. Today, he lives in the community of Amikam in northern Israel, together with his wife Claudine and their three children.

The Honorable Yoav Galant