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Ron Shamir

Fellow, ICT, Israel

Mr. Shamir retired in 2015 from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after 24 years of service. In his last position, he served as the Head of the Technology Division, in rank equivalent to Major General. During his tenure, Mr. Shamir introduced innovative thought and paradigms that led the division to extraordinary performance.

Mr. Shamir was responsible for R&D and manufacturing processes in a variety of disciplines, managing a technological unit of hundreds of engineers, as well as complete responsibility for all technological solutions which the ISA uses.

Prior his last position, Mr. Shamir served as the Head of the Cyber Development Department. Establishing the first cyber department in the ISA and managing it. In this position, Mr. Shamir was in charge of leading the development of cyber tools and building cyber operation capabilities.

Since he retired, Mr. Shamir has been involved in entrepreneurial activities with both start-up and VC’s, in the cyber security and bio-technology domains. He also advises on strategic solutions for cyber security and critical information infrastructure defense.

Mr. Shamir holds a B.Sc. and Executive MBA, Magna Cum Laude, both from Tel Aviv University.