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Mr. Brian Jenkins

Mr. Brian Michael Jenkins is a distinguished figure known for his multifaceted contributions to the field of counterterrorism and security. He serves as a senior adviser to the president of the RAND Corporation and boasts an impressive portfolio of publications, including books, reports, and articles, all focused on various aspects of terrorism. Notably, he authored “Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?” (2008, Prometheus Books) and played a pivotal role as the chair of the Political Science Department at RAND Corporation.

A veteran with a remarkable military background, Mr. Jenkins commenced his journey in the infantry, eventually earning the rank of captain in the Green Berets. He gained valuable combat experience, notably serving in the Seventh Special Forces Group in the Dominican Republic and the Fifth Special Forces Group in Vietnam. He was part of the Long Range Planning Task Group during his return to Vietnam, an accomplishment that led to him being honored with the Department of the Army’s highest award.

Mr. Jenkins’ expertise extends beyond his military service. His influential roles include being appointed to the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security by President Clinton in 1996. Furthermore, he served as an adviser to the National Commission on Terrorism and was a member of the U.S. Comptroller General’s Advisory Board, showcasing his commitment to enhancing security measures.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jenkins has engaged in research and analysis, with his primary focus areas encompassing peacekeeping and stability operations, as well as terrorism-related studies. His significant contributions are mirrored in his publications, including “The Origins of America’s Jihadists” (2017), “Stray Dogs and Virtual Armies: Radicalization and Recruitment to Jihadist Terrorism in the United States Since 9/11” (2011), and his co-editorship of “The Long Shadow of 9/11: America’s Response to Terrorism” (2011).

Moreover, Mr. Jenkins’ contributed extensively to shaping counterterrorism strategy and understanding. His work “Unconquerable Nation: Knowing Our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves” (2006) and his collaboration on “Aviation Terrorism and Security” (2006) provide comprehensive insights into security challenges. He has participated in significant projects such as “Countering al Qaeda: An Appreciation of the Situation and Suggestions for Strategy” (2002) and “Deterrence and Influence in Counterterrorism: A Component in the War on al Qaeda” (2002).

Mr. Brian Jenkins