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Dr. Ronit Marzan

Following 32 years of public service in the intelligence community (Major at unit 8200; Israel Security Agency (Shabak), today, Dr. Ronit Marzan is a researcher of society and politics of the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs.

She holds a BA and a PhD from the Middle Eastern History Dept. at Haifa University and has received an excellence award for her doctoral dissertation. Dr. Marzan also holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Haifa University.

As a Teaching Fellow at the Political Science school of Haifa University, Dr. Marzan teaches at the National Security programs (MA degree), and at the “Havatzalot” program, training intelligence researchers for the Intelligence Corps. Dr. Marzan is also a Research Fellow at Chaikin Chair of Geostrategy at the University of Haifa.

In 2016, Resling published Dr. Marzan’s book: “Yasser Arafat – Rhetoric of a lone leader”. By 2020, Dr. Marzan is expected to publish two more books about the Arab youth in the Arab Spring and The Palestinian youth.

Dr. Marzan’s website: