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Lt. General (Ret.) Benny Kaniak

Benny Kaniak is the former commissioner (2007 – 2012) of the Israeli prison service (IPS).  He led an organization consisting of 8400 employees, nationwide including more than 30 facilities and a budget of 650 million dollars a year. Management of 25000 prisoners, including criminals some of whom belong to organized crime families and 10000 terrorists.

Prior to this period, Mr. Kaniak has served in the Israeli police for over 24 years (1983 -2007). He was the Deputy Commissioner of the Israel Police (I.P) national organization that employs 28000 policemen and has a budget of 2 billion dollars a year. He also served as the Central District Commander, Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Public Security, Commander of the national Police College, Commander of Sub-district and Commander of police station.

In the military service (IDF) he served as company commander and deputy commander of battalion.

Today benny is consultant and business man, deals in consulting for senior executives in economic organizations, business activity for Technology, Environment and Security.

Mr. Kaniak received B.A. Middle Eastern Studies and Criminology at Bar Ilana University and M.B.A Business Administration in the Ben Gurion University.

He is specialized in dealing with technology prevents terrorism, terrorist events management, prevention of terrorisminside prisons and inmate’s radicalization among terrorist organizations.

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