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Adv. Noy Erez

Adv. Noy Erez is a Negotiation and Crisis Management specialist with over 15 years of experience in Conflict Resolution and Business Mediation. He is one of the mediation pioneers in Israel.

Noy consults leading companies and accompanies senior managers in complex negotiations and crisis situations. Being a member of many strategic teams, Noy advises on how to prevent crisis situations and conflicts from occurring, and how to manage and resolve them once they occur. Noy’s unique know-how and methodology contribute in any crisis event, dead lock process or complex situation.

During the last decade, Noy has gained experience managing hundreds of negotiation processes, and developing his proprietary methods of NegoAwareness, CrisisAwareness and NegoThinking. These methodologies serve as his professional basis for consulting, coaching and training. Noy is one of the leading Israeli experts in conducting “Negotiation War Games” aiming to predict the outcomes of an upcoming negotiation. Noy’s “Crisis Management War Games” aim to gain insights and develop Crisis Management strategies. Both use complex business simulations to assess situations and adopt a course of action that leads to an optimized outcome.

Noy is the Founder of Gisurim- adr Ltd. (1997) – a company specializing in business mediation and conflict resolution. He is also the Founder of Negopro (2004) – which specializes in negotiation and crisis management consulting. In addition, Noy conducts complicated premium War games, and, as part of his active reserve service, is involved in high level negotiations and crisis management. Noy has a bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) and in Political Science (BA) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and master’s degree in Public Policy.