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Colonel (Res.) Eran Duvdevani

Eran Duvdevani is an IDF retired Colonel, still on active reserve service, specializing in operational countermeasures and special operations.

During his service, both in the Paratroopers brigade of the IDF, as well as in the J3 branch of the IDF’s HQ (Operations), Col. Duvdevani emphasized on the operational response to terrorism, both on the strategic level, as well as the tactical level. He also wrote the IDF’s book on the theorem of Low Intensity Conflict in the Strategic and operational echelons. This subject has been lectured by him on behalf of ICT in the Nato College for high studies in Estonia, in the last years.

Mr. Duvdevani was a member of the team which analyzed and assessed the terror threats on the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and prepared the training proposal of the security forces in the event, from the smallest group to the whole system.

While assessing the threats, Mr. Duvdevani, with two other research fellows, conducted a research on the suicide bombing phenomenon.

Mr. Duvdevani is a wanted lecturer in conferences, and speaks on the topics of suicide bombings, Low Intensity Conflicts, hostage-taking incidents and other operational topics.

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