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Dr. Christian Klos

Dr. Christian Klos is a distinguished expert in the field of public security, immigration, and international law. With a career spanning over decades, Dr. Klos has held pivotal roles in both governmental and academic spheres, contributing significantly to the development of policies related to immigration, asylum, and security.

Starting in May 1998, Dr. Klos served as a Policy Officer in the Directorate-General for Migration and Asylum as part of a European harmonization project group at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany. During this time, Dr. Klos represented Germany as the head of the delegation in the Council working group “Asylum” and the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) working group “Return.”

Building on this experience, from September 2000 to September 2004, Dr. Klos assumed the role of a Seconded National Expert at the European Commission, DG Justice and Home Affairs, specifically within the immigration and asylum unit. In this capacity, Dr. Klos represented the Commission in various significant working groups, such as the Council working groups “Migration” and “CIREFI,” as well as the G8 working group “Migration” and the IGC working group “Return.”

Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to shaping immigration and security policies, Dr. Klos progressed to becoming a Senior Policy Officer in the Police Directorate-General at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, from September 2004 to January 2006. During this period, they led Germany’s delegation in the Council working group “Terrorism” and the G8 working group “Counter-Terrorism Practitioners.”

Later, Dr. Klos assumed key roles in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, including serving as Head of Division for Immigration Law from December 2011 to August 2016. Here, Dr. Klos was instrumental in managing immigration, residence, and removal matters, as well as navigating the complex landscape of EU and national legislation related to immigration law, resettlement, and humanitarian admission.

From March 2016 to September 2016, Dr. Klos took on the role of Head of Task Force for Return Policy. Additionally, he concurrently held the position of Special Envoy for the Refugee Crisis, with a specific focus on return issues.

In recognition of his expertise and leadership, Dr. Klos assumed the pivotal role of Director for Return Policy from October 2016 to January 2020, where he spearheaded immigration law pertaining to return policies, removal procedures, and cooperation between federal authorities and states. Notably, he also played a significant role in establishing collaborative frameworks with countries of origin and transit regarding readmission, voluntary return, and reintegration.

Since January 2020, Dr. Klos has held the esteemed position of Director General for Public Security. In this capacity, he has overseen critical legal and policy matters, counter-terrorism efforts, and the management of extremism and organized crime.

Dr. Klos’s journey in academia began as an Assistant Professor at the Centre for International and European Law on Immigration and Asylum at the University of Konstanz from April 1995 to May 1998. Under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Kay Hailbronner, he contributed to the academic discourse on immigration and asylum. This period culminated in Dr. Klos earning a Ph.D. with a thesis titled “Framework and Options for a European Migration Policy”.

Dr. Christian Klos