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Director Christopher O’Leary

Christopher O’Leary is the Director of Hostage Recovery for the United States Government.  In this capacity, O’Leary leads the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell (HRFC), an Interagency Task Force dedicated to the safe rescue and recovery of American Citizens taken hostage by terrorist organizations.  Prior to taking command of the HRFC in March 21’, O’Leary served in numerous FBI Counterterrorism Leadership roles to include Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New York Joint Terrorist Task Force, and as Unit Chief of the FBI Counterterrorism Fly Team.

O’Leary holds a Bachelors Degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Leadership Studies from Georgetown University.

Before entering into service with the FBI, O’Leary served as a United States Marine.

Christopher O'Leary