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Dr. Dan Asher

Dr. Dan Asher served for more than two decades at the Israeli Prime Minister Office and took part in various R&D activities in this field in Israel and in cooperation with the global community. He lately retired from service and his last position as a head of learning innovation and knowledge management.

Dr. Asher is an expert at the field of tacit knowledge and managed innovative research in this field. His last research dealt with the case of business negotiation experts. He developed new methodologies to elicit tacit knowledge, especially from professions base on interpersonal interactions.

In 2017, Dr. Asher finished his PhD dissertation under the supervision of professor Micha Popper and Professor Simon Perry on the topic of tacit knowledge in professions based on interpersonal interactions. His first publication on the topic was published in 2019. Lately, in 2021, he published another research that deals with business negotiators.

Dr. Asher is also an expert in learning and knowledge management strategies and was responsible on all the projects in this field in one of the most complex organizations in Israel. He was responsible on strategies, technologies and innovation in these fields and managed to implement a wide range of technologies, infrastructures and laid new foundations for knowledge management all over the organization.

Dr. Dan Asher is a member at the Israeli military negotiation unit and is also a board member at the Israeli knowledge management forum. Also, He is a member at of the advisory board for an HR start up company.

Dr. Dan Asher works today as a private consultant in various fields – Knowledge management, Learning strategies, Tacit knowledge, Digital transformation & interpersonal interaction skills – Interview, Influence and Negotiation. He is currently working on his book that aims to describe tacit knowledge of negotiators and their patterns of expertise.