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Chief Superintendent (Ret.) Baruch Goldman

Chief Superintendent (Ret.) Baruch Goldman served 30 years in the Israeli Security Forces & National Police.

A former officer of the “Yamam”, worked as an Agents Operator (Gaza Strip) – Office of the Prime Minister, deputy of the “Gidonim” undercover unit and a commander of the Surveillance Unit. Prior to his retirement, he served as the Commander of the Israeli Crisis Negotiation Unit (I.C.N.U). An expert in HLS, specifically crisis management: cyber extortion, kidnapping, hostage taking & more. He speaks Arabic and is well-versed in Islam culture. Chief Superintendent holds a B.A in Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University (with distinction) and M.A in Law from the Bar-Ilan University. Baruch Goldman received a Medal of Distinguished Service for heroic bravery.

Baruch Goldman