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Barniv Ravit

Ms. Ravit Barniv is a Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) at Reichman University, Herzliya

Ms. Barniv has served as chairperson of the Tnuva Group, the largest food group in Israel, since January 2013.  Under her leadership, vision and strategy have been redefined and the Company has strengthened its market share and taken strategic steps, especially launching the “nutritional compass” campaign, which aspires to enhance the nutritional value of Tnuva products; Tnuva has assumed responsibility for the health of its consumers. It has also entered into the dairy product market in the US, thus leveraging its flagship product –cottage cheese.

Ms Barniv succeeded in stabilizing and improving the core activity of Tnuva in Israel, as well as implementing a growth engine in the US. Ravit Barniv participated in the presentation of the Tnuva Group in its preparation for acquisition by the Chinese Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd., at a company value of NIS 8.6 billion. In addition, Ms Barniv prepared the Group for a public offering on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, an offering that eventually did not materialize due to the sale to Bright Food.  At Tnuva, Ravit Barniv implemented advanced managerial vision in which management and employees acknowledge all stakeholders of the corporation – customers, suppliers, shareholders, community and even the next generation.  According to Ravit Barniv’s perception, companies that take the interests of all their stakeholders into account create value for all those involved in the most sustainable manner, for the long term.

Prior to her current position at Tnuva, Ms Barniv served as chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Shikun & Binui Holdings Group Ltd., part of Arison Holdings Group Ltd., and as chairperson of Derekh Eretz (Highway 6). Shikun & Binui is a public company,which half of its revenues come from global markets. It is the oldest and largest infrastructure group in Israel, with a history of over 90 years.  Shikun & Binui has rich experience in complex construction and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad and boasts a proven record of achievements in constructing residential neighborhoods, commerce, industry, tourism and public structures, as well as infrastructure, transportation, ecology, water purification and international projects.  During Ravit Barniv’s term, Shikun & Binui entered the us infrastructure market with project that exceed billion of dollar.  It led groundbreaking projects that changed the lifestyle of the residents of Israel – Highway 6 connected many regions to the center in a more efficient manner, and allowed Israelis to reside outside the central area.  The water desalination project in Hadera in which Shikun & Binui is a partner, is the largest desalination facility in Israel. Ms Barniv led the crystallization of the new Shikun & Binui vision and its implementation at all Group levels through a process of dramatic organizational and cultural change.  During her term, the business results of the Shikun & Binui Group speak for themselves. There was constant growth which produced higher value for shareholders and increased dividend every year, without compromising the financial integrity and the values of the Group.

Prior to Shikun & Binui, Ravit Barniv served as CEO of the Netvision Communications Company, part of the DIC Group (for approximately 6 years). In the year 2001, Ms Barniv took over a losing company and led it onto a path of continuous profitability. Ravit  Barniv introduced new services and activities such as international calls and turned the company into an internet total communications provider. Ms Barniv led the Netvision IPO in June 2005, as well as the acquisition of the Barak International Calls Company.  She was chosen by the IDB Group to lead the merger between NetvisionBarak and GlobeCall Companies.

During her years at TnuvaShikun & Binui and Netvision, Ravit Barniv was chosen by the Lady Globes Magazine, during almost a decade, as one of 50 leading Businesswomen in Israel. She was chosen by The Marker Magazine as one of the 100 most influential persons in the Israeli market, and by Forbes Magazine, as one of the top executives in Israel. Ravit Barniv is perceived as an executive with values who gets results. She adds value to all the stakeholders of the corporation – customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the environment. Through her actions, Ravit Barniv is the epitome of a business leader who brings measurable and clear results in parallel with values and a humane managerial culture and excellent corporate governance.

Before serving as CEO of Netvision, she was Deputy CEO and CFO at Netvision, VP Finance of the Arutzey Zahav Cable Company, the largest cable company in Israel, and VP Finance of the Giltek Company.

Ms Barniv holds a MBA Finance and BA in Economics and Philosophy, both from Tel Aviv University. And a MA in Governance with specialization in counter terrorism from Reichman University in Herzliya.

Ms Barniv is a Director in the board of directors of Ormat Technologies, a Company traded in NYSE which produces world wild green geothermal electricity.

In the civil domain, Ravit Barniv is a member of the executive committee of the Bat Sheva Dance Company, the executive committee of Ametz Lochem and the Ma’ala Board of Governors, and is among the initiators of the Institute for Internet Studies at Tel Aviv University. Ms Barniv is also a member at the executive committee of Lahav at the Tel-Aviv University and in Ruppin Academic Center.

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