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Mickey Arieli

Director, Division of Enforcement and Inspection, Ministry of Health; & Fellow, ICT, Israel

Mickey Arieli is the founder and director of the National Division of Enforcement of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

This Division deals with all aspects of criminal activities in the health field in cooperation with all major enforcement units in Israel and abroad including DEA ,Europol, Interpol, BKA and others. Such criminal activities include pharmaceutical crime –namely counterfeit and diverted pharmaceuticals, synthetic cannabinoids anabolic steroids ,precursors for manufacturing controlled drugs, and active pharmaceuticals for dilution of “street drugs.”  The Division is   deeply involved in rape date criminal activities.  It also specializes in cases of individuals illegally practicing medicine, cybercrime (virtual illegal pharmacies),and counterfeit or smuggled medical devices. Recently the Division entered the area of counterfeit alcohol  (together with both national and regional INP units) which contains lethal amounts of methanol.

Mr. Arieli,  who is a pharmacist,  has worked undercover with INP in some of these cases. He has also been extensively involved in a project with the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the connection between organized crime, terrorism, and pharmaceutical crime. In addition, he  served over 25 years in reserve and mandatory IDF service in the paratroopers.

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