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Brigadier General (Res.) Dani Arditi

2010-2012 – Chairman of A.D Consulting Ltd., Including – consulting an surveying project to Singapore and Bulgaria on protection of critical Infrastructures.

2009-2010 – CEO of IFG Security, including consulting and surveying projects for Singapore officials in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office.

2007-2009 – Prime minister’s office – Chairman of the National Security Council & Advisor to the Prime Minister regarding National Security Affairs.

2002-2007 – Prime minister’s office, N.S.C, Director of the Counter Terrorism Bureau Advisor to the Prime minister for Counter Terrorism

1998-2002 – I.D.F General Staff Head of the Strategic Division in charge of IDF International Cooperation in the rank of Brig. Gen.

1997-1998 – Special Rep. of the IDF in the Counter Terrorism Bureau and Prime Minister’s Office in the rank of Col.

1994-1997 – Defense Attaché & Senior Representative of the ministry of Defense in Thailand, accredited to Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in the rank of Col.

1984-1994 – Senior commanding positions in the IDF’s Intelligence in charge of Planning and Coordination of Special Forces.

1970-1984 – Fighter, Group Commander, Company Commander and Deputy Unit Commander in Elite Units in the I.D.F.. Commander of Assault Team as part of Antabe Operation (1976).

Brig. Gen. Dani Arditi was born in 1951 in Kibbutz Yiron, is married to Ella and has three children.

Academic degrees:
•M.A. International Relations & Security (University of Haifa, Israel) 1994-98
•B.A. Economics and Accounting (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) 1984-1988

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