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Ambassador Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro

Ambassador Paulo João Lopes do Rego Vizeu Pinheiro

Born on November 8, 1963, in Lisbon;

Degree in Law from the Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon;

Embassy attaché, Portuguese Foreign Ministry on February 16, 1989;

Junior Diplomatic Adviser to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Development

Cooperation, on the same date;

In the Temporary Mission of Portugal to the Structures of the Peace Process in Angola, on 3

June 1991; Rapporteur to the Political-Military Joint Commission/PMJC (Peace Supervisory

Board); Portuguese Delegate to the Political Commission of the PMJC. Dealt with the

portfolios relating to revising the Constitutional and Elections Law, neutrality of the National

Police, extension of the Central Administration to the whole Angola territory, DDR,

demining, and prisoners exchange;

Embassy Second Secretary, June 7, 1991;

Diplomatic Adviser to Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1 April 1993;

Portuguese Embassy in Washington, on September 16, 1993; Consular Affairs, African

Affairs and Middle East Peace Process Affairs portfolios.

Embassy First Secretary, March 2, 1998;

Portuguese Embassy in Moscow, on October 14, 1998; Consular Affairs, Political and

Security Affairs, Communication portfolios. Rapporteur to the EU Fact Finding Mission to

Chechenia under the Portuguese EU rotating Presidency, 1st half of 2000.

Embassy Counselor, April 18, 2002 (presented analytical thesis on Chechenia and Putin);

Diplomatic Junior Advisor to the Prime Minister, on 1 August 2002;

Deputy Director General of the Strategic, Defense and Military Information Service

(Portuguese Foreign Intelligence) on November 26, 2002;

Acting Director General of the Strategic and Defense Intelligence Service on March 1, 2005;

Deputy Permanent Representative of Portugal to the OECD, on 1 September 2005;

Director General of National Defense Policy, Ministry of Defense, on January 23, 2007;

Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the European Commission, on 6 May 2010;

Diplomatic Adviser to the Portuguese Prime Minister, on 11 July 2011;

2nd Class Plenipotentiary Minister, on December 30, 2011;

Permanent Representative to the OECD, with Ambassador credentials, on 18 February 2013;

1st Class Plenipotentiary Minister, on 30 December 2014;

Chair of the OECD External Relations Committee/ERC (2015-2017); Chair of the Informal

Reflection Group on Brazil/ERC.

Portuguese Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Moscow, on 12 September 2017;

simultaneously accredited as a non-resident Ambassador to Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,

Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

Full Rank Ambassador, 22 December 2020;

Secretary General of the Portuguese Internal Security System (Homeland Security) since 6

September 2021

Grand Cross of Merit Order, Portugal;

Grand Cross of the Order of Rio Branco, Brazil;

Grand Cross of Military Merit with White Badge, Spain;

Official Cross of the Order of Merit, Poland;

Commander, Merit Distinguished Services, Peru

Ambassador Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro