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Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Avi Abargel

Col. (Ret.) Dr. Avi Abargel was the Chief Surgeon of the Home Front from 2011-2014. He was tasked with the preparedness of all Israeli health systems, communities and hospitals, in the case of various emergency and disaster scenarios. Dr. Abargel was the chairman of the IPRED III Conference in 2014. In his past positions in the IDF he served as a doctor of a battalion, a doctor of a brigade and a doctor of a division. He was also the head of medical services branch in the medical corps.

Dr. Abargel took part in three Israeli delegations to disaster areas including: India in 2001, Haiti in 2010, and most recently to the Philippines.

He is an OBGYN specialist and was a fellow in SWEC (Sydney Women Endoscopic Centre).

Dr. Abargel holds Master Degrees in health administration and in Political Science – National Security.

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