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Islamic Radicalization in Australia

This report provides an in depth examination of the rate and extent of Islamic radicalisation in Australia. First discussed will be a brief overview of the history of Muslim immigration to the country, there will be an examination of the demographics of Muslims in Australia, including an analysis of Muslim political participation.

Following this, the theoretical explanations of the causes and process of radicalisation will also be examined. The Australian government’s response to terrorism will also be explored. This report will also examine unfamiliar sources of Islamic radicalisation, including Indigenous Australians, as well as Saudi Arabia’s secret funding of Australian universities.

Following this overview of the context and history of Islamic radicalisation in Australia, this report will survey numerous case studies of radical groups, individuals, incidents of violence, and the four planned terrorist attacks in Australia since 9/11. The report will conclude with a discussion on possible ways to prevent further incidents of radicalisation, as well as forecast future developments.

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